As a young trumpet player Mark was always drawn to the sound of the great jazz guitarists such as Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Joe Pass. While touring Central and South America, Mark was exposed to some classic Latin-American guitar music, which included the well known Bossa Nova and Samba styles of guitar playing.

It was in 1976, while touring Latin-America that Mark began to study the guitar. From 1976-1979 he toured Central and South America with the 79th Army Showband, performing on guitar and trumpet. That time offered a wealth of playing experience, while performing music that included American jazz, rock and swing to latin music such as salsa and merengue.

Although Mark's guitar abilities encompass many styles, from funk to rock and contemporary jazz, this site is dedicated to the stylings of the great jazz guitar masters. The mp3 samples below contain short segments of many different jazz songs, ranging in style from jazz ballads and swing to bossa nova and samba. All the songs were performed on an Ibanez Hollow Body Jazz guitar with no over dubs or retakes.

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